Lift-the-flap Fairy Tales

We’ve been so pleased with the response to our latest illustrated book, we just have to share our excitement! Lift-the-flap Fairy Tales is a lift and explore adventure with beautiful illustrations by Victoria Ball.


There are so many familiar characters to spot in every scene and under each integrated flap!

jack dwarves cinderella

Lift-the-flap Fairy Tales has been featured in the UK’s Independent Online’s Best Books for 4 to 7s.

“Although lift the flap books often appeal to younger readers, the beautiful illustrations of classic fairy tales in this book make it a winner with all ages.

Read the full article here and watch our video for a peek inside.


We caught up with Victoria about why she loved illustrating the book. . . .


What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

My favorite fairy tale has always been Little Red Riding Hood, which is why this was such an exciting project for me. I grew up with the Brothers Grimm version where the huntsman comes to the rescue at the end. The wolf illustration in my copy was terrifying and I loved it!

Which bit of the book did you enjoy illustrating the most?

I enjoyed illustrating all of the scenes in the book, but most of all, Little Red Riding Hood. I love using the color red, it makes an appearance in almost all of my illustrations and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.


You use beautiful collage textures in your artwork. How do you do it?

I like to collect and scan interesting textures and vintage fabric swatches to use in my work. I often photograph objects that might be useful for collage, or scan in bits of paper, or wood. I’ll hand paint various textures and backgrounds using inks, watercolor, or acrylic paint . . . anything goes really!

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