Priddy Books in South Africa

This is our very first blog post from the Rainbow Nation that is the Republic of South Africa!

So, to give you an overview of Priddy in South Africa (SA), we’ll discuss a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Priddy Books is one of the leading baby book brands in SA. The bright colours and accessible text go a long way in helping mom’s promote books and reading in their little ones, not to mention making a shop look that much more colourful and inviting!

Priddy has a big store presence in SA.

‘groot idees vir klein mensies’ means ‘big ideas for little people’ 

Priddy books can be found travelling all over the country. Family Care, a devoted Priddy Books customer, takes great heed in getting books to different parts of SA. Give them a friendly hoot next time you see their van on the road!

To make sure that people can get Priddy books in the way that best suits them, not only are the books available in stores, but they can be purchased from online retailers as well.

We ensure that Priddy Books are always on display at book fairs, book festivals and other expos as the brand is always on demand for perusal. Got to keep up with the baby book trends!

Image credit: Family Care at the Baba Indaba Expo

Priddy Books in SA have a loyal fan base, books being passed on from generation to generation, from mom to mom, from one sticky hand to another. The Priddy brand is well-recognised in SA as a solid literacy foundation, proving that you are never too young to start reading!

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