Tom’s Travel Diary – Slovenia

Despite printing off maps to help me find my way around, I spent most of my trip hopelessly lost in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is, however, a really beautiful place in which to get lost, so I’m actually quite pleased that I have no sense of direction. I got to see sights I might have missed if I’d stuck to my planned route! One thing that was obvious while walking around the city was that Slovenians love to read; there’s a bookshop on almost every street. They are everywhere. Those with sections dedicated to children’s books were really impressive; many had play areas with toys, one had books stacked on swings hanging from the ceiling, and another – the biggest bookshop in Slovenia – even had two gerbils! Of course the best bit about the children’s sections was seeing translations of so many Priddy Books for sale. We’ve printed thousands of books for our partners in Slovenia and it’s great to see the finished product on the shelves. For now I’m back in the UK, but I’m looking forward to getting lost in Ljubljana again soon!

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