Gabriel’s Early Learning Ruler

I was just reading the latest post on Everyday Maths with Wallace and seeing how great the Learning Ruler looked, so I thought I’d let you in on a secret…the idea for the ruler was my son Gabriel’s (aged 9 at the time), he came home one day with a ruler that he had created to help him with his school work. I’m still not sure whether a teacher suggested the idea – like all children of that age he can’t remember! – but I thought it was great and one that needed sharing.

His original had the alphabet, numbers 1-30 (or 03 if you look closely), along with tricky words that he was trying to learn – or sight words. We changed it a bit, dropped the tricky words and added measurements but apart from that it’s pretty close to the original.

Hopefully lots of kids will find Gabriel’s ruler really useful – thanks for the idea Gabe!


The finished ruler.


Gabriel’s original at the top, followed by my designs below.

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